Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tackling the climate reality

The big NGOs looking at the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable.

We are further away than ever from a cooperative solution to climate change. The big losers will be those in developing countries.  It is fine to talk about "cut the green c**p" allegedly from David Cameron when those suffering live so far away.

"Vote blue, get green" is now a depressing reminder on how the politics of the environment has shifted in 5 short years.

Tackling the climate reality [PDF]

This report is the fourth in a series of collaborations between ActionAid International, CARE International and WWF International. We have come together as organisations concerned about the lack of concerted action taken by developed countries to tackle climate change to date. We are also concerned about a future that may see average global temperature rises in the order of 4°C this century. This must be avoided through ambitious action on mitigation globally, with those who are most responsible taking a leading role. The signs of impending climate crises are growing, yet those most responsible for climate change behave as if we have decades to act. We do not have any time to lose. 
We have now entered the era of climate change induced loss and damage. The time when emissions reductions and adaptation could have avoided significant adverse impacts on developing countries and vulnerable populations has passed. For too long, emissions of greenhouse gases have accumulated in the atmosphere and started to alter the climate system. Developed countries, which bear by far the most historical responsibility for these emissions, have not taken this seriously enough, and have largely failed to take appropriate action. If developed countries continue to fail to make drastic emissions reductions, loss and damage in developing countries will continue unabated, increasingly threatening the lives and livelihoods of those who are poor, vulnerable and the least to blame.

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