Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The weight of wee and why it matters

I am a little surprised this has not been thought of before. If an airline could extract the urine out of all passengers before they embark it could come pretty close to saving the planet.

Just think of the benefit if all human waste products could be removed prior to flying.

I shall endeavor to do my best before each flight which will significantly lower the guilt that I usually feel when flying.

Pee before you fly policy of Japanese airline [Metro]

Japanese airline ANA is introducing a policy that some think really takes the pee. They want passengers to relieve themselves before they board the aircraft, in a somewhat desperate attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

The airline's chiefs say that empty bladders means passengers will weigh less, so their fleet of aircraft will save fuel and reduce their carbon emissions.

All Nippon Airways reckons that the policy could lead to a five-tonne reduction in carbon emissions per month, as well as saving the company money.

The new regulation will be policed by 'loo monitors', who stand by boarding gates and take waiting passengers to the lavatories before they embark.

Japan's NHK television says that the loo rule, which began on October 1, is a four-week experiment that ANA may well poo-poo in the end.

It may sound plane crazy, but ANA should at least be given some credit for trying. After all, flying is the fastest-growing source of carbon dioxide emissions, accounting for more than 600 million tons of the greenhouse gas per year.



Anonymous said...

Marginal change: saving the planet, one bit at a time.

Anonymous said...

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Nimo said...

The science is there, but is this the most effective measure they have found? I am skeptical that this policy could even make more than the slightest graze on the surface of C02 emissions issues. But some progress is better than none. Plus there will be more employment for bathroom monitors!

StripTease said...

I guess all I can say is every little counts! I've mentioned this post in my blog talking about little steps towards a better planet!