Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Fashion": a victim of climate change

As if things could not get any worse, we hear the news that the fashion industry may be suffering from the impact of climate change. H/T: Gristmill.
The whole fashion system will have to change," says Beppe Modenese, called the founding father of Milan Fashion Week. "[It] must adapt to the reality that there is no strong difference between summer and winter anymore."

You can sense the feeling of impending doom from the following quote:
A buyer for one major chain remarked that, while her staff had built its entire fall purchase around an exceptionally rich selection of designer coats, the best-selling item of apparel in their stores this month had been a cotton shift from Marni.

The following quote slams home how bad things of got in the shopping malls of America.
For consumers that’s a boon. For retailers it is a prospect that inspires dark thoughts. “What are we supposed to do when there are no seasons anymore?” asked Ms. Solomon, who mimed putting her head in a noose.

Only in America (or is it Italy).

NY Times article:
Al Gore’s Fashion Forecast


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