Thursday, October 04, 2007

Econ211 Environmental Economics Textbooks

This week we started teaching Econ211A Environmental Economics. The course is for second year undergraduates and it is recommended that students have studied an introductory economics course in their first year.

The library will have copies of all these books. The only one we believe is worth buying is Perman et al. (2003). A new version of this text should be out next year. Second hand copies should be available.

The course will draw on material from most of the books listed below in the textbook section.

There are a number of older texts in our reading list and we still think that there is scope for a new text book that covers all the material in this course.

Any University of Birmingham student who buys a textbook/book from the links below should speak to me after a lecture.

The textbooks that we recommend are as follows:

Product Description

This text has been written primarily for the specialist market of second and third year undergraduate and post-graduate students of economics. The clear explanations and basic principles that underpin the text, however, make it readily accessible to non-economists coming to environmental economics from diverse programmes of study.
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics is among the leading textbooks in its field. Well written and rigorous in its approach, this third edition follows in the vein of previous editions and continues to provide a comprehensive and clear account of the application of economic analysis to environmental issues. This new edition has evolved with the times and been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in environmental issues and policies, such as forestry, biodiversity and pollution control. The early chapters explain the development and role of environmental economics before further chapters advance the student at a suitably challenging but achievable level.

Other books of interest:

See our Amazon bookshop (sidebar link) for other recommended reading HERE.


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