Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tree-Nation: An experiment to keep an eye on

Today I received an email from tree-nation who aim to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart in the middle of the desert in Niger.

A laudable aim and a fairly neat website to go with it with an aim of creating an "interactive community".

To make money they are effectively selling trees from between 10 and 75 Euros per tree.

I am all for these "good news" stories but more often than not they fail after the founders get bored, move on or run out of money.

It will be interesting to track the growth of the "heart". It strikes me the the forces of nature and other logistical issues mean that this is by no means an easy project to sustain.

The final cheap shot is of course that planting 8 million trees will have a very small climate change effect. The question then is whether this time, money and effort could be better spent elsewhere (ignoring the profit motive effect).

I will them luck and will keep an interested academic eye on progress and may even buy an impressive looking Baobab tree on behalf of "Globalization and the Environment" blog if the ad revenues ever reach 75 Euros.

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