Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kangaroos in Indonesia

Occasionally you learn something you never knew.

For example, I was entirely unaware that there were Kangaroos in Indonesia (albeit rare ones).

Indonesia to Return Rare Kangaroos to Papua Forests

In a search for some economics to make this fact relevant to this blog this quote saves the day:
Conservationists say the illegal trade in animals remains a threat to many species in Indonesia.

although I must again express ignorance of the trade in rare Kangaroos and have certainly never been offered one in my local ale house.


dirtyphoenix86 said...

Conservationists always seem to complain that trade in animals will lead to extinction, but what they're ignoring is that it gives the animals economic value. In China/India they're trialling tiger farms, which may be disgusting and immoral (yes, they're my favourite animal) but at least reduces the chance of them becoming extinct. Otherwise rural people will tend to get rid of these dangerous creatures enroaching on their territories.

Paul said...

Calling West Papua Indonesia is like calling the the Gaza Strip Israel. Both are territories annexed by force of arms and supported by international cowardice on the part of Western nations.

Anonymous said...

paul don't know the real truth of the matter, he need to educate himself more on the matter.

Either that or he's on a payroll. If that's the case, please continue on, you're only doing your job, no matter how phoney, dirty, and disgusting it is.

Anyway. What about Papua New Guinea, shouldn't that be 'free' also? Or maybe it shouldn't be 'freed' since it's under 'their' direct control.

As for using animals for humans.

If they're not used by humans, they will gone extinct.

Kangaroos or kangaroo-ish animals are in the New Guinea / Irian / Papua / Whatever island because the zoology there is related to the Australia island.