Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Immigration and climate change

Although the article linked to below only touches on the subject of "immigration and climate change" it is my prediction that we will see many more stories on this topic in the next few years. Although academic research in this area is limited I suspect we will see many more more papers on this in the next year or two.

There are real issues and real numbers here that the West needs to include in their "economic calculations" when they all sit down to design policies that are intended to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

Climate Change May Hurt Asian Economies

SYDNEY, Australia -- Hotter temperatures and higher sea levels could devastate Asian economies, displace millions of people and put millions more at risk from infectious disease, according to a climate change report released Monday.

Global temperatures will rise by up to 4 degrees by 2030, particularly in the arid regions of northern Pakistan, India and China, predicted the report, conducted by Australia's main research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

All standard stuff so far.
It also predicted that millions of people living in low-lying coastal communities in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and many Pacific islands could become displaced as sea levels rise by up to 20 inches over the next 65 years.

"Local and regional economies will be hit hard from chronic food and water insecurity and epidemic disease, as well as extreme weather events," said the report, which was commissioned by 12 environmental, church and nongovernment organizations.

The final two paragraphs may provide an indication of how pressure on Western governments will begin to build.
The report calls on the Australian government to help developing countries in the region invest in renewable energy sources and better prepare for large-scale natural disasters.

It also encourages Australia to review its immigration laws to take in people displaced by climate change.

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