Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chinese growth and the environment continued

In a series of posts on the impact of Chinese growth (aka globalisation) and the environment we have another snippit from China Economic Review with the snappy title:

More children poisoned by lead.

Authorities confirmed that nearly 1,000 children in Gansu province have "excessive" levels of lead in their blood, nearly four times as many children as originally reported after a massive lead-poisoning case uncovered last month, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing state media. Of 954 children found with high lead levels, 62 were being treated for moderate-to-severe lead poisoning. The children all come from Xinsi and Mouba, two villages in northwest China contaminated by a smelter that ignored basic health and safety regulations even after being ordered to stop purifying lead ore earlier this year. About 34% of children in China have blood-lead levels that exceed the World Health Organization limit, according to a recent report by researchers at Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing, compared to fewer than 1% in the US.

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