Monday, February 09, 2009

An Economic View of the Environment - Stavins

The environmental economics blogosphere welcomes Robert Stavins. This blog is sure to provide a rich stream of blogging material for globalisation and the environment.

As always, the crunch will come in six months time when we will know if Professor Stavins has the stamina and personality defects that most bloggers appear to require to keep going through thick and thin.

In need to work on the visuals of this blog now I have seen Professor Stavins slick set up. This blog now feels cheapened.

Stavins has also made an effort to reply to comments on his most recent post. That won't last long ;-)

An Economic View of the Environment

The first post concerns Obama's entrance into the green arena.

Opportunity for a Defining Moment[An economic view of the environment]

The inauguration of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth President of the United States is a defining moment in American history. For most Americans and countless others around the world, this is an inspiring political transition. The question we must face, however, is whether compelling inspiration will lead to effective action. As I wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed (November 12, 2008) one week after election day, environment and energy issues — particularly climate change policy — provide a microcosm of the forces that are shaping and will shape the actions of the new Administration and Congress.


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