Friday, September 28, 2007

"Ethanolomics" is born

Always one to jump on a bandwagon I thought the very title of this paper meant it was worthy of a blog post.

Adding "-omics" to the end of a word is tried and tested. Freak-onomics is a prime example.

"Ethanolomics" is a bit of a mouthfull but just about qualifies.

Any previous spottings of this term welcome - where was this term first used?

Ethanolomics: The Think-About's of the Mexican Ethanol Project

Date: 2007-08
By: Ricardo CantĂș


The Mexican Ethanol Project has the potential of power up rural economy, improve the environment quality, and substitute the non-renewable fossil energy resources. But the risk of not achieving these is latent: the market distorts that it could unleash can change the expected outcomes. Public policies, such as No Deforestation, Investments in Agricultural Productivity, and Ethanol Manufacture in situ, could help orientate the private incentives to increase social welfare. In a big proportion, PEMEX and the Mexican Federal Government would be directly, or indirectly, affected by the domestic ethanol production, opening a door for them to participate in it and avoid damage on their interests. But there's still a question to answer: how long it would take before these benefits could be felt?



Anonymous said...

Ethnolomics or Ethanolomics?

Anonymous said...

Thanks - my mistake. Edited now ;-)