Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Treehugger sells for $10 million

Treehugger, the excellent "green" website with the goal of "helping to push sustainability into the mainstream" has just been sold for $10 million to Discovery Communications.

Treehugger is one of my top 10 environmental economics websites (but not in the top 3).

Given that Treehugger has 1.4 MILLION unique users per month and is sold for $10 million must mean, using simple statistics, that this website "GLOBALISATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT" must be worth upwards of the magical "$100" figure. Offers welcome.

TreeHugger Acquires Discovery Communications
Close to four years ago, TreeHugger was founded with the goal of helping to push sustainability into the mainstream. Today, as an award-winning Top 20 blog having served over 50 million pages, we like to believe that we've played a part in pushing green towards its tipping point. Today, we are proud to announce another big step toward that goal; Discovery Communications has acquired TreeHugger.

We suspected that at a certain point in TreeHugger's life that we would need to attract significant investment or partner up with a large media organization if we
were to really take our message to the masses and fulfill our mission. Over the last year, we were approached by over 15 large companies interested in playing this role. We had many conversations and concluded that we needed a partner with a sizeable, international audience, a kindred brand and a high level commitment philosophically and financially to green.


John Whitehead said...


Don't leave us hanging ... what are your top 3 environmental economics websites?

Unknown said...

Hi John, Top 10 blogs now posted above.