Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Asian Air Pollution and Pacific Storms

Another quick cross-boundary pollution story. Impressive research...

Asian Pollution Affects Pacific Storms
WASHINGTON -- Pollution from Asia is helping generate stronger storms over the North Pacific, according to new research. Changes in the North Pacific storm track could have an impact on weather across the Northern Hemisphere. Satellite measurements have shown an increase in tiny particles generated from coal burning in China and India in recent decades, researchers report in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The team, led by Renyi Zhang of Texas A&M University, studied pollution and clouds between 1984 and 2005, concluding that increasing particles enhanced the cloud updraft to generate more intense thunderstorms than previously.

Comparing 1984-1994 with 1994-2005 they found an increase of 20 percent to 50 percent in deep convective clouds.

The Pacific storm track, they noted, plays a critical role in global atmospheric circulation, and altering this weather pattern could have a significant impact on the climate.

"The intensified storms over the Pacific in winter are climatically significant," the researchers wrote. "The intensified Pacific storm track can also impact the global general circulation."

A particular threat, they added, is the potential for increased warming of polar regions.


Anonymous said...

As teenagers at Tommy Douglas High School who never really get to be heard, we have a couple things to say. Instead of just posting things on the internet about global warming why arent you scientists, reporters and other people of the world doing anything. You keep saying we have to do something about global warming but no one ever really does anything. Poeple should be helping by Truning off their computers and such at night.We might be teenagers but we do know what were talking about. thanks to the factories, which some of them we doent even need are putting more gaese into the air so why do you use filters, that would help some would't it ? why do people still brun their garbage hello have you heard of Recycleing? Why do people still put garbage in the ocean and kill all the fish? why are we so reliant on our cars when we DONT need them? WHY ISNT ANYONE HELPING WITH THIS PROBLEM ? Its Because no one wants to leave their car, they didnt spend what $25,000 on it to leave it at home. No they reather drive 2 blocks then walk to save energy and oil.

challenge your self and help save our world, Start by shutting of your computer, lights and walk places, not for you but for our Earth.

Xo Sk8erchick Xo

Anonymous said...

Xo Sk8erchick Xo,

Thanks for the input. I tend to agree with everything you put in your comment and you are right to be frustrated.

However, all efforts to make the public more aware of the problem can only help motivate others like yourselves to take action.

I suspect the majority of teenagers are not sufficiently motivated to do anything on global warming. If all teenagers were to hassle their parents to buy a smaller car or buy locally produced food then that would be a start.

If only more teenagers had your attitude the world would be a better place. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you. i know not many people know that this is a big problem.T o sat the lease not many people care.I know only being 15 doesnt really have the advantage of being what 30.I know i seem like a person who would like to save the world but its not as easy wrighting this as you think. I am scared some one is going to wright something really mean. But Im living in a house were there two tv's on all the time andonly one gets used. I have a light that doesnt trun off in the day becuase my frog really needs the heat. I know it is very difficult to have this problem in the world and not many people wanting to help but if everyone knew what they were going to lose they would probally help in the fight.Eberyone is really worried about losing the things they love most like a car or ipod shuffle, Not many Teenagers are like me and my friends Who have really stronge Opinions about alot of things. I wants thing to Stop just as must as the Scienctics and everyone else who cares. FLICK OFF . There is this one person here at Tommy Douglas who i heard say."No one really cares Because were all going to die anyways” i know Im not going to change many peoples minds im only 15. But my friends and I are going to try.

Xo Sk8erchick Xo

Anonymous said...


You have a great attitude and I am sure you will go far. The most valuable tool for influencing others is education. There is nothing you can't do if you work hard and believe in what you are doing.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I justed wanted to weigh in on the issue in support of the student from Tommy Douglas. She is a part of my Enlgish Class. I must say that it is not teenagers who are unmotivated, it is people in general. It is inconvenient to change our lifestyles because it takes effort and commitment and most people are to self absorbed in their day to day activities.

I have 20 some very motivated, enthusiastic students in my class who have taken a class project to heart. They are excited and motivated and will hopefully spread their enthusiasm to others as well. I think there are a lot of adults who could have a fire lit underneath them by these terrific young people!

Anonymous said...

Hey every one, i am confused, i havent heard of anything about this project (i also go to tommy douglas) or is it an grade 10 project? GO TIGERS

Anonymous said...

its for grade 10's ... lol

xo sk8erchick xo

Anonymous said...

So yet again i see no one is tring to help. yeah thats right im righting back. so we have this project in science and its about perventing global warming. and i want anyone to read this to try something for me.okay?

When you go home or when your at school get your parents and or teachers to turn off light and get out side to work. Shut off your computers and do something that doesnt envol tv's or stuff like that

xo. sk8erchick xo

Anonymous said...

To the English teacher ...

Maybe it's time to start concentrating on spelling and grammar in school. Sk8erchick wonders why people don't take her seriously.

To Sk8erchick ...

A scientists job is to research. A reporter job is to report. It is the responsibility of everyone to act according to their beliefs. Don't believe what you learn in high school about global warming to be the gospel truth, because what you learn there is simply an introduction, and it is doubtful your teachers spend much time learning beyond that themselves. It's a good start, mind you, but keep your mind open. I challenge you to learn on your own accord. There is no doubt climate change trends are changing, but it doesn't mean that humans have much, if any control over it. We're still in the research and learning phase, so panic right now will only lead to chaos and could potentially have an adverse effect on economy. We need a strong economy to do ANYTHING about the environment. Sad, but very true.

You'll also be taken more seriously if you take the time to learn how to spell correctly. You kids have spell check these days, and still can't seem to get it right!