Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Economic Journal - natural resources papers

A series of interesting papers related to the resource curse that came out in the current issue of the Economic Journal.

Is it true as many suspect, that the greater the oil reserves of a country the less democratic it it likely to be?


Harnessing Windfall Revenues: Optimal Policies for Resource-Rich Developing Economies (pages 1–30)
Frederick van der Ploeg and Anthony J. Venables

The Long Term Consequences of Resource-Based Specialisation (pages 31–57)
Guy Michaels

The Quality of Political Institutions and the Curse of Natural Resources (pages 58–88)
Antonio Cabrales and Esther Hauk

More Oil, Less Democracy: Evidence from Worldwide Crude Oil Discoveries (pages 89–115)
Kevin K. Tsui

Market Power in an Exhaustible Resource Market: The Case of Storable Pollution Permits (pages 116–144)
Matti Liski and Juan-Pablo Montero


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