Monday, October 18, 2010

WTO-Related Matters in Trade and Environment:

This 2004 paper covers an issue of increasing importance in my mind. The failure of Copenhagen and the failure (so far) of the Doha round may in fact be partially explained by the need to bring negotiations on the environment and trade to the same table.

There are a complex set of interactions here and this paper sets the scene.

WTO-Related Matters in Trade and Environment: Relationship Between WTO Rules and MEAs [PDF]

Date: 2010
By: Aparna Sawhney

Environmental issues began to be systematically addressed in the WTO following the Decision on Trade and Environment taken towards the end of the Uruguay Round at Marrakesh in 1994. The Committee on Trade and Environment was established in the same year, with the explicit mandate to resolve environmental issues in the trading system. [WTO Research Series No. 5]

Keywords: Environmental, systematically. Trade, Environment,


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