Monday, October 11, 2010

Is the US really a "mythic pig preening itself"?

As the insults fly over climate change the Chinese hit well below the belt with the insult to the US likening the US criticisms of China to "a mythic pig preening itself."

It is hard to believe that the Chinese would have to resort to such aggressive language.

Just in case there are any readers are still a little perplexed or indeed would like to know more about the mythical pig please read on.

Zhu Bajie

Su likened the U.S. criticism to Zhubajie, a pig in a classic Chinese novel, which in a traditional saying preens itself in a mirror.

"It has no measures or actions to show for itself, and instead it criticizes China, which is actively taking measures and actions," Su said of the United States.

UK readers of a certain age may well remember the always excellent TV programme "Monkey" where the mythical pig appears regularly.


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