Monday, September 06, 2010

How to track "climate finance pledges" - who are the laggards?

The WRI have an excellent new website that allows the reader to check on how much each developed country is coughing up to fight climate change.

The last update is 12th August 2010.

The numbers are a little higher than I expected actually with $28 billion already pledged.

Any questions you might have are addressed at the website.

Japan and the EU are leading the way - Japan has currently pledged around 5 times as much as the US ($3,029million) with the UK just a little behind ($2,800 million).

Interesting numbers.

Summary of Developed Country ‘Fast-Start’ Climate Finance Pledges [WRI]
The Copenhagen Accord commits developed countries to collectively provide resources “approaching USD 30 billion for the period 2010 - 2012” to support developing countries’ climate efforts. This so-called “fast-start” finance will help developing countries, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, mitigate (reduce) their greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt and cope with the effects of climate change. These pledges also present an opportunity to build trust between developed and developing countries in the international climate arena, in turn fostering progress towards a comprehensive post-2012 international climate agreement.

WRI has carried out a preliminary analysis based on available information on countries’ immediate pledges announced thus far. The accompanying table sets out both the amounts and the mechanisms by which funding would be delivered. WRI has also looked at whether these pledges will provide “new and additional” funds compared to what developed countries already provide through official development assistance.

This table will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.


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