Thursday, September 23, 2010

Collapse - "the inevitable destruction of industrialised civilisation as we know it".

It is difficult for economists to resist documentaries about the collapse of industrial civilisation (as we know it).

As a blogger I am happy to fan the flames of publicity for this doomsday tale (even if it is the old "peak oil" doomsday tale).

DVD out soon apparently. To some, watching a man in a room for 82 minutes talking about "his apocalyptic vision of the future, spanning the crisis in economics, energy, environment and more" might appear to lack a certain something.

However, please note, it has (1) economics (2) environment (3) crisis.

What more could you want from a film?

Filmed in a room that looks like a bunker, Ruppert sits alone in a chair, chain-smoking cigarettes and waxing lyrical on his belief that the world is doomed and we must be prepared. With his practiced and commanding rhetorical style, he recounts his career and spells out the disaster he sees ahead with his unnervingly persuasive world-view. He spouts forth passionately over the issue of ‘peak oil’ the concern raised by scientists since the 1970s that the world will eventually run out of oil and that life will change beyond all recognition. Using news reports and data that’s available on the internet he applies a unique interpretation, portraying a future that resembles apocalyptic science fiction.


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