Friday, August 13, 2010


Is this the future of academic research? It would be good to see this working. As a poor academic I cannot afford a iPhone but I am sure many of you out there can.

I link the idea although I remain sceptical about how useful this data will be from an environmental economics context.

From the inbox:

At the happiness & environment workshop in Stirling in April I spoke briefly about an upcoming project called 'mappiness'. It's a free iPhone app that rather simply implements the Experience Sampling Method, including use of GPS (linked to environmental data using GIS at the analysis stage).

mappiness is now live, with its own website:

First, I'd be very grateful for any feedback on the website, the app, and/or the broader methodology.

Second, since recruitment to the study is entirely opportunistic, I'd be thrilled if you'd pass on the details to any individuals, mailing lists, blogs, etc. which you think might be interested.


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