Thursday, April 29, 2010

JEEM worthy

From the inbox:

Excellent news about one of my 2005 JEEM papers. Does this reveal that applied economics papers are more heavily cited than theory papers (of which there are a lot in JEEM) and in turn what does this mean? Does this infer that they have a larger impact? What does impact really mean? Given the period is from 2005-2009 this must give a large advantage to 2005 papers :-)

The certificate will take pride of place on my office wall. Now I need to try to write the elusive third JEEM paper. Not an easy task.

I am delighted to inform you that one of your papers has been recognised in the "Top 20 most-cited articles" published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2005 - 2009*:

Industrial characteristics, environmental regulations and air pollution: An analysis of the UK manufacturing sector
Volume 50, Issue 1, (2005), Pages 121 - 143
Cole M.A., Elliott R.J.R., Shimamoto K.

We will be sending you a certificate (with additional certificates for co-authors for onward distribution) in acknowledge of your paper's achievement.


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