Thursday, April 15, 2010

4th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists - G&E are in the house

Good news from the inbox. I have not been to Canada before - I don't expect that Montreal has any good "tar sands" to look round while I am there.

Happy to meet up in Montreal with any readers/bloggers that are left given my shoddy posting frequency rate of late.

Hopefully the Icelandic volcano that has grounded planes in the UK today will have blown itself out by then (and mitigated climate change at the same time).

Dear Dr Robert Elliott:

We are happy to inform you that your paper, TRADE, ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL MOBILITY: AN INDUSTRY-LEVEL STUDY FOR JAPAN (Reference No: 37), has been accepted for presentation at the 4th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists that will be held at the Université du Québec à Montréal, June 28-July 2nd, 2010. We received more than 1700 submissions and the selection process has been highly competitive. Congratulations.

Presenters have to be registered by April 30th, 2010, in order for this decision to become effective and their paper to be included in the program. April 30th is also the deadline for early (lower fee) registration.

My current research with Toshi Okubo (Kobe) and Matt Cole (Birmingham) uses firm level data for Japan - so far, so good for the results.


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