Thursday, November 19, 2009

Object graveyards - in pictures

Always a believer that a picture is worth a thousand words some of these "piles of rubbish" pictures show clearly tell us something about capitalism and society.

Exactly what is tells us is something to think about - answers welcome.

Object Graveyards: The Afterlife of Everyday Things [Webecoist]

The world is rife with ‘stuff’, and the simple fact is we’re producing new homes, vehicles, gadgets, gizmos and other designs faster than we can get rid of the old ones. Tires, airplanes, bicycles and cell phones don’t just magically disappear once they outlive their usefulness. Sometimes they’re gathered together and turn into recycled urban trash art, photographed as trash or stripped down and recycled, and sometimes they’re just left to sit and rot for decades on end. Much like abandoned buildings and cities, these places can haunt the collective memory. Here’s a look at the afterlife of everyday objects, piled into staggering mounds that resemble nothing more than cemeteries for stuff.


Cianoy said...

Are these actual pictures? Either these are digitally enhanced or very disturbing. The junk tires extend to the horizon.

There just has to be some business use for all these. Virtually unlimited resources. I wonder if old tires can be used as gardening beds. Hmmm...


Marco said...

So many tires? are these actual pix? used video equipment usb copier