Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carbon Capture and Storage - next steps: finance, demonstration and feasibility

London based seminar for all those interested in Carbon Capture (from the inbox).

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum Keynote Seminar

Carbon Capture and Storage - next steps:
finance, demonstration and feasibility

Martin Deutz
Director of the Cleaner Fossil Fuels Unit
Department of Energy and Climate Change


Tony Grayling
Head of Environmental Policy
Environment Agency

Morning, 23rd October 2009
The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG

This seminar is supported by Scottish Power


This seminar will focus on the implications of the recent announcement from the Department of Energy and Climate Change on latest plans for the demonstration and deployment of CCS, and examine the outstanding practical issues. We are delighted that Martin Deutz, Director of the Cleaner Fossil Fuels Unit, Department of Energy and Climate Change; and Tony Grayling, Head of Environmental Policy, Environment Agency, have agreed to take part.

Other confirmed speakers include: Dr Jeff Chapman, Chief Executive, The Carbon Capture & Storage Association; Dr Pierre Dechamps, Adviser - Energy and Climate Change, European Commission; Sean Furey, Deputy Director, Protect Kent - The Kent Branch of CPRE; Simon Giles, Lead, Smart Technology Strategy, Accenture; Munir Hassan, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna; Professor Stuart Haszeldine, Professor of Geology/co-leader, University of Edinburgh/UK Carbon Capture and Storage Consortium; David Hone, Group Climate Change Adviser, Shell; and Chris Littlecott, Senior Policy Advisor, Green Alliance. We are in touch with Ofgem, who have offered, in principle, to speak - and we are just sorting out details.

Supported by Scottish Power, this seminar is organised impartially and independently by the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum.

Sessions will look at key challenges for implementation, including:
• Current thinking on the key factors - technical, economic and practical - determining the feasibility of Carbon Capture and Storage;
• The Environment Agency’s proposed role as independent assessor of the financial and technical viability of CCS;
• Latest plans for the demonstration competition;
• First indications from trials in Germany - and emerging ‘numbyism’ public opinion barriers;
• Investment incentives, the role of the EU ETS and the potential impact on energy prices; and
• The likely effect of an emissions performance standard and options for a ‘safety net’ should the technology take longer than expected to prove.

Other themes in this complex set of issues will also be up for discussion. I have copied the current draft agenda below my signature, to give you a feel for the morning. You can follow the updated, live agenda here, at our website. This meeting is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum.


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