Monday, August 03, 2009

"Social Ecological Economics"

I think I agree with the abstract from the following paper. In fact I think I always thought like this.

Ecological economics = heterodox
Environmental economics = mainstream

I think I had better read the paper before commenting any more although I am not sure "social" is really needed.

Social Ecological Economics
Date: 2009-06
By: Clive L Spash (CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Australia)

This paper introduces and explains how ecological economics has developed as a modern movement with its roots in environmentalism and radical environmental economics. Divisions and conflicts within the field are explored to show why material claiming to fall under the title of ecological economics fails to be representative of progress or the vision which drove socio-economic specialists to interact with ecologists in the first place. The argument is then put forward that ecological economics, as a social science engaging with the natural sciences, is a heterodox school of modern political economy.

Keywords: Ecological economics, methodology, ideology, politics, history

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Anonymous said...

Sounds sensible. Thanks for the link.