Friday, July 24, 2009

The Left’s Civil War on Cap-and-Trade

Some of the "free market" blogs have interesting articles. This one gives some food for thought (and some good quotes).

Here are some quotes from this post.

The Left’s Civil War on Cap-and-Trade: Who Likes Political Capitalism? [MasterResource]

The political hijacking of climate legislation is why the Left is now embarrassingly split on the issue. And just maybe this is the opening wedge to get the Left to reconsider climate alarmism in its wider dimensions. After all, higher energy costs disproportionately affect the poor and slow the drive to mass-electrify the developing world. And the climate crusade is resurrecting (uneconomic) nuclear power–a Left no-no. And geoengineering–that too is an unwanted stepchild of climate exaggeration.


There are good reasons for the Left to oppose the Waxman-Markey climate bill that is now in debate in the U.S. Senate.

1. HR 2454 does virtually nothing to reverse out the human influence on climate.
2. The political attempt to deal with the issue has been hijacked by, in Hansen’s words, “people in alligator shoes.”
3. Climate progressivism, led by cap-and-trade, is a throwback to Ken Lay’s Enron.
4. Carbon-code regulation for its own sake is dumb, vindictive, and elitist–an affront to the “little guy” rhetoric of the party in power.



candy said...

Every time I hear about globalization, I cannot help but think of the southern cone and the results that they are still suffering up this present time.

seo reseller program said...

The Southern Cone and the Chicago Boys, yes..who would ever forget the old grannies of globalization.