Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Green Market Geography

Matt Kahn (fellow environmental economics blogger) has a nice little B.E. Journal paper out in a recent issue.

Environmental spatial papers are something I am working on at the moment so it must mean it is no longer fashionable.

The results are pretty much as you would expect. Green communities buy more green cars. There must be a twist?

Green Market Geography: The Spatial Clustering of Hybrid Vehicles and LEED Registered Buildings

Matthew E. Kahn, UCLA and NBER
Ryan K. Vaughn, UCLA

A BEJEAP Contributions1 article.


This paper uses zip code level data to investigate the spatial distribution of two major "green" products. Using data from California, we document where hybrid vehicles cluster within the state. Using data for the entire nation, we study where LEED registered buildings cluster. By creating a novel measure of community environmentalism based on revealed preference political data, we document that green products cluster in environmentalist communities.

Submitted: May 26, 2008 · Accepted: November 20, 2008 · Published: March 30, 2009



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Is this study available for free? Where can I possibly get the whole copy of this paper? Thanks in advance.

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Are these materials available over the web?