Sunday, March 15, 2009

What does the saving of RAT island really teach us?

With a name like RAT ISLAND it was never going to take much to justify a blog post. ABC news do a good job of explaining the justification behind this "environmental experiment".

Scale up from Rat Island to the planet and tell me what it implies..... this is a 4 page good read.

Grand Quest to Rid Island of Rats [ABC news]

Centuries ago, Rat Island was believed to be a virtual paradise for seabirds -- a spongy redoubt for tufted puffins, whiskered auklets, and storm petrels. But then came the rats, which turned the fecund habitat into a near-dead zone. Now scientists are trying to return the uninhabited island to its original splendor – an experiment that environments believe could be a model for restoration but some critics say is a waste of money.


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