Sunday, February 15, 2009

“I don’t want to be selling my soul”

Interesting titles for environmental economics papers are always to be encouraged however tenuous the link. There is something about the English in this title that I do not like but cannot put my finger on.

The results of the paper - people care about the environment. That's that sorted then. I would need to read the full paper to understand where the selling of mortal souls presumably, to the devil, comes into it.

“I don’t want to be selling my soul”: Two experiments in environmental economics

Natalia V. Ovchinnikovaa, Hans J. Czapa, Gary D. Lynneb and Christopher W. Larimerc


We conducted two experiments in the context of environmental protection. We found that profit considerations and personality traits are among the essential determinants of individual contributions to the solution of environmental problems. The results show that environmental considerations are powerful motivators and subjects are willing to forgo pecuniary profits for the sake of “doing-the-right-thing”. The study shows that the environmental groups can purchase carbon offsets directly from the providers at a lower-than market price and still obtain a relatively large market share.

Keywords: Metaeconomics; Environmental experiment; Self-interest; Other-interest; Carbon offsets


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