Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grudge Match: "Grist vrs Env-Econ"

Ding ding, round one.

Its all kicking off over at the Gristmill and Environmental Economics Blog.

The problem as far as I can tell is over the definition of the word "snark" and the extent to which the said snark has substance or not.

As an economist I still like to see economists getting a good kicking and Dave Roberts does a decent job and raises some good points. Of course such abuse is like water of a ducks back to economists. I recommend all environmental economics students to read the Grist article by Dave Roberts and to formulate a defence (if there is one).

I particularly liked the first comment after the Grist article.

"economists are arrogant whores".

One certainly does not become an economist to be liked. TerraPass on the Env-Econ post suggests:

Greens also tend to oddly personalize the topic, dividing economists into “the good ones” and, I suppose, the hell-bound.

It would be interesting to know whether John and Tim and indeed myself are on a "highway to hell" or whether we sneak into the good category. I suspect Env-Econ have now been seen to have aligned themselves with the dark side.

High five anyone?

[Note: this post is entirely substance free]



John Whitehead said...

High five!

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