Thursday, February 05, 2009

China needs developed countries to lead the way on climate change

There are going to be an increased number of articles on climate change in the run up to Copenhagen at the end of 2009 and all manner of posturing from participating countries.

China gets an early shot in. Nothing has changed though and same old entrenched views remain.

China urges developed countries to further fulfill commitment to greenhouse gas emissions cuts [China View]

China on Thursday urged developed countries to further fulfill their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after 2012, saying it is the key to the success for the meeting on the climate change to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of 2009.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu stressed at a regular press briefing "the substantive difference" between the voluntary emissions cuts of the developing countries and compulsory emissions cuts of already developed countries.

The developed countries and developing countries shoulder different responsibilities and obligations. The results of negotiations in Copenhagen should reflect the consensus reached in the Bali Roadmap so as to fully implement the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, Jiang highlighted.


China and some other developing countries have made great efforts to handle climate change, Jiang said, adding that if the developed countries "honor their commitment" on providing funds and transferring technology for the developing countries, "more contribution could be made by the developing countries".

The total volume of China's greenhouse gas emissions remains high because of its intense population, Jiang explained, citing the fact that the greenhouse gas emissions volume per capita and the volume of China's cumulative greenhouse gas emissions were at a very low level.

The spokesperson also pledged that China would continue to work with other developing countries and actively participate in the relevant international cooperation in aim to fulfill its due contribution on tackling climate change.

The Chinese government, which attaches great importance to climate change, has enacted policies to address issue of climate change. According to a five-year plan, the energy consumption per-unit GDP is expected to drop by about 20 percent by 2010 compared to that of 2005.



Bhuvan Chand said...

climate change is really harmful to us..

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