Monday, January 19, 2009

Are topless protests the future for environmental activism?

The flash mob protests over at Heathrow are becoming more flash and less protest.

Today's topless flash mob reverts to the age old method of garnering publicity. There are worse ways of protesting although using the phrase "stop the slaughter" seems to be a little over the top given the majority of losers will be middle class residents who will have to suffer the great pain of their house price falling.

Clearly it would be inappropriate for images to be shown on this blog so click below for the full story:

Heathrow chaos as runway activists stage airport 'flash mob' protest [Mailonline]

Hundreds of activists opposed to a third runway at Heathrow today staged a 'flash mob' protest at Terminal Five.

The action, which saw environmentalists gather with local residents and climate change groups at the airport, was the first major demonstration since the Government controversially gave the go-ahead for the expansion.


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Zouheir El-Sahli said...

Well I have to admit it is a good way of lobbying for new demonstrators in future demonstrations who would show up for the spectacle rather than the environment.