Monday, December 08, 2008

PhD Workshop in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 2008

At the University of Birmingham we recently held a workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics for some of the best PhD students in the UK studying environmental economic issues.

I always learn a lot from hearing papers in different areas. Environmental economics has the habit of being interesting even when the topic is something I know nothing about.

The workshop included the following papers.

Tuesday 2nd December

2.00 Tom Murray (Birmingham) Do Geographical Variations in Climate Influence Happiness?
2.45 Edward Manderson (Nottingham) Partial International Emission Trading

4.00 Yun Ham (Birmingham) Convergence in Recycling Rates: A Spatial Econometric Analysis
4.45 Paul Metcalfe (LSE) An Assessment of the Non-Market Benefits of the EU Water Framework Directive for Households in England and Wales
5.30 Venetia Hargreaves-Allen (LSE) Raising Funds for Marine Protected Areas using Visitor and Non-Visitor Values: A Case Study from Belize

Wednesday 3rd December

9.00 Neil Odham (Stirling) Estimating the Contribution of Renewables to our Future Energy Mix using Two Factor Learning Curves: A Modified Approach utilising Patent Counts as an Output Based Measure of Knowledge Stock
9.45 Katrina Mullan (Cambridge) Determinants of Participation in Payment for Ecosystem Services Programmes: Evidence from China

11.00 Charlene Watson (LSE) Forest Carbon and Market Potential in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
11.45 Alvaro Calzadilla (Hamburg) Water Scarcity and the Impact of Improved Irrigation Management: A CGE Analysis


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