Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apoplectic apocalyptic greenies go ga-ga down under

It would appear that Miranda Devine of the Sydney Morning Herald has little time for climate change activists.

The use of the phrase "apoplectic apocalyptic greenies threw shoes" was enough to justify a blog post. Other terms of endearment include:

"Australia's screeching environmental banshees" and

"...more crazed greenies" and

"...fundamentalist zealots of the climate change movement"

If Miranda represents public opinion in Australia is it any wonder that they did not sign up to the Kyoto protocol. The irony of course is that Australia will be one of the countries worst hit by climate change.

Miranda concludes with the pithy sentence:

"Even if we reduced our emissions by 100 per cent, as the crazies want us to, our sacrifice would be meaningless."


Greenies go ga-ga over emissions [Sydney Morning Herald]

APOPLECTIC apocalyptic greenies threw shoes at an effigy of Kevin Rudd, broke into a woodchip mill in Tasmania and threatened to move to Europe as part of an orchestrated dummy spit against the Prime Minister's emissions scheme announced this week.

The tantrums from Australia's screeching environmental banshees have barely abated since the Government revealed its plan to cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions from between 5 and 15 per cent by 2020, an amount deemed too small by green groups.

"It's a decision to see the Great Barrier Reef die before our very eyes," said Greens Senator Christine Milne.

Rudd must be rubbing his hands with glee as the more crazed greenies give him the appearance of being a safe pair of hands on climate change - doing just enough to placate green-aware citizens but not enough to wreck the economy.

But his scheme is a more radical proposal than any other country has adopted.

Professor Bob Carter, a James Cook University geologist, described it yesterday as "the worst single piece of legislation to be tabled in the Parliament since Federation".

"It is a non-solution to a non-problem," he said. "If ever there were a bill that justifies a conscience vote, then this must be it, for it wittingly intends to reduce the living standards of all Australians."


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