Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why do economists blog?

A good question and something that Dani Rodrik (Harvard) has previously looked at. This time environmental economics blog and 26econ have joined forces to present a few slides on blogging trends.

The results are interesting. I account for 2 of the observations which is a little worrying given the total number of observations.

Globalisation and the environment get a honourable mention in the presentation as we previously placed environmental economics as the number 1 environmental economics blog.

TOP ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS BLOGS [Globalisation and the environment].

All students of environmental economics are encouraged to check these sites out.

Here is the PDF presentation of the Schiff and Whitehead presentation.

Some Economics of Economics Blogs[PDF]

It will be interesting to see if this ever gets published. I must say I am a little dubious about the quality of the data ;-)


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