Monday, August 25, 2008

Positive environmental spillovers from the Olympics

Coverage of the "pollution problem" for the Beijing Olympics was widespread as was the methods China employed to ensure that the air quality was a good as possible including the shutting down of many polluting factories.

It is therefore interesting to note that positive legacy effect of the games. Perhaps locals began to appreciate improved air quality that fed through to the decision makers.

Factories to Have to Clean Up Before Reopening [PlanetArk]

BEIJING - Polluting factories in Beijing ordered to stop work to improve the air quality for the Olympics will have to clean up their operations before being allowed to resume production, state media said on Saturday.

Authorities have ordered dozens of factories to halt or limit their operations and restricted use of cars to cut down on pollution during the Games, leading to the cleanest summer-time air in a decade, according to official statistics.


Du did not give details on the criteria the bureau would use to determine whether factories would reopen. City officials would also not have authority over factories in surrounding provinces that were also affected by the Olympic-related shutdowns.

However, the pledge underlines the degree to which the success of the environmental measures could affect policy making beyond the Games.

Du had previously said that authorities would accelerate the removal of polluting vehicles from the roads and take more stringent measures to cut down on dust at construction sites.

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