Sunday, July 06, 2008

"In the Green" fades away

We are sad to report the demise of a green blog. This article gives some idea of the effort required to run a blog when real life has a habit of intruding. PhD students often make good bloggers until the crunch times comes. PhD students believe they have all the time in the world until reality kicks in. To get a post-doc post it is research papers that matter not the amount of blog posts you have written and there is a trade off.

In the Green was a good blog and heavy on pretty pictures which looks good but is time consuming. My other observation is that these group blogs often end up with just one poster after the others fall by the wayside for various reasons (often boredom). I suspect there is a personality flaw of some sort that keeps the very few blogging in the face of other pressures. The guys at Env-Econ seem unique in managing to maintain there double act for so long and with apparently undiminished enthusiasm (for US sports, petrol or "gas" prices and caps, trades, or cap and trades). ;-)

Over at Globalisation and the Environment we always regret the closure of a blog that links to us :-) but wish them good luck on the job market and with writing up. Over to Nathan Rive.

This is the End... of sorts [In the Green]

As those of you following the blog have no doubt noticed, the regularity of the posts in the last few weeks has slowed to a snail's pace. The reason for this is that we are all getting on with our PhDs - either attempting to upgrade or writing up - and finding less time to contribute. Myself included; I have found it difficult to balance my PhD and professional work time with researching and writing blog posts.

As such, there will likely be some changes coming to the site. This may include, unfortunately, closing down the blog for good.

It has been a good 18 months or so on the blog, and I think the rest of bloggers here will agree with me that it has been a real learning experience and a great project to work on. In particular, the blog has led me to read up on issues that I wasn't aware of previously, and forced me to have opinions on things to which I previously hadn't put much thought. And for that, I'm a better researcher. Of course, I can't not mention the Great Global Warming Swindle post, which was the watershed moment for the site. It brought a lot of new (and regular) readership, and without our audience (and commenters) the blog wouldn't have lasted this long.

So what next? I will be stepping down immediately as contributor to the blog, with the aim of soon stepping down as webmaster. I have decided that I would rather make a nice clean break from the blog, rather than let my internet presence peter away into (further) obscurity. I will be trying to find someone to replace me in charge of the day-to-day running of the site. If you are a PhD or MSc student here in CEP and are interested in doing so - get in touch! If I am unable to find someone, I will be shutting down the site.

Once again, many thanks to those who contributed to, read, and commented on the blog!


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Nathan Rive said...

Thanks for the obituary! ;)

Blogging took a lot more out of my personal and work time than I expected. My hat, too, goes off to those who can keep it going in the long term.

I'll keep you guys on my Google Reader, and pop by from time to time.