Friday, July 11, 2008

Eco-Nightclub to open in London

Forget the G8 summit where the future of the planet is being thrashed out - an eco-nightclub is to open in London.

What is an eco-nightclub you may well ask? Then read on.

The fatal flaw to this plan I believe lies in the following quote from the first paragraph of the article.

where cyclists and walkers get free admission

The question is whether any self respecting hardcore hedonist clubber wants to dance the night away with other patrons wearing cycle clips and rucksacks. To raise 60% of your energy through the dancing activities of paying customers will require more than 3 men and a dog standing in a corner and shuffling the feet occasionally.

Eco Nightclub Set for Launch in British Capital [PlanetArk]

LONDON - Welcome to Surya -- self-styled "world's first ecological nightclub" where cyclists and walkers get free admission to a club with dancefloor so high-tech it generates its own electricity when people move on it.

The brainchild of 35-year-old property developer Andrew Charalambous, aka Dr. Earth, Surya has its own wind turbine and solar energy system, with the plan to donate any surplus electricity to local residents.

When clubbers need a rest from strutting their stuff on the dancefloor they can relieve themselves at the latest air flush, waterless urinals and low flush toilets as well as taking the opportunity to freshen up with the club's automatic taps.

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Jason said...

Greta idea i think! I first heard of it via who had a review on it. Its a great idea and helping the world by using less electricity etc etc is becoming ever so popular these days so good on to the guy who invented this place. I think it;ll be a great hit with all Londoners!