Monday, July 21, 2008

Death of Globalisation consensus: Rodik

After my environmental related post on the death of globalisation it appears that the economist Dani Rodik is weighing in suggesting that mainstream economists everywhere have seen the light (or dark) when it comes to globalisation.

My bold.

The death of the globalization consensus [Dani Rodik blog]

There was a time when global elites could comfort themselves with the thought that opposition to the world trading regime consisted of violent anarchists, self-serving protectionists, trade unionists, and ignorant, if idealistic youth. Meanwhile, they regarded themselves as the true progressives, because they understood that safeguarding and advancing globalization was the best remedy against poverty and insecurity.

But that self-assured attitude has all but disappeared, replaced by doubts, questions, and scepticism. Gone also are the violent street protests and mass movements against globalisation. What makes news nowadays is the growing list of mainstream economists who are questioning globalisation's supposedly unmitigated virtues.

My only point, or the only one I have the will to write, is that even the most fervent globalisation supporter never considered the virtues to be "unmitigated". Far from it.

This issue however gets to the heart of the why this blog was born. Is globalisation good or bad for the environment? The jury is still out.


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