Monday, July 21, 2008

Climate Change program a "swindle"

I will keep this brief given the blanket coverage. The program was a disgrace. This is only part victory. A shame.

Here are the links for the interested. The different headlines are a sad reflection on the political bias of certain newspapers.

First the BBC who are are neutral as you can get.

Climate documentary 'broke rules' [BBC]

The right wing press:

TV documentary on global warming did not mislead viewers, says Ofcom [MailonSunday]

Ofcom can't take the heat of climate debate [Daily Telegraph]

The climate change lobby tends to react like scalded cats should anyone have the temerity to question their assertion that global warming is a man-made phenomenon. So certain are they of the righteousness of their case that it has taken on the aura of a religious faith - and heresy will simply not be tolerated.

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Roverdc said...

The BBC is about as unbiassed on the environment as Goebbels was during WW2 on Jewish equality to use the comparison they favour for us eco disbelievers. Where were the three programs on the views of the NIPCC? Where were the details of the failings of the models used to predict Global warming. Why was it never stated that where an unstable position develops in a model most computer modellers suspect a model failure? If that "tipping point" as those Eco bigots call the model failure occurs at a lower figure than has previously occurred and recovered from any modeller elsewhere assumes the model failure has been proven beyond doubt.