Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nuclear war would cause a hole in the Ozone layer

Some news stories make you wonder whether fears about climate change and pollution have got a little out of control.

Today's "odd" story talks about the worry that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan as well as killing millions would result in a larger hole in the Ozone.

Am I the only one thinking that this would be the least of our worries...

India-Pakistan Nuclear War Would Cause Ozone Hole [PlanetArk]

WASHINGTON - Nuclear war between India and Pakistan would cause more than slaughter and destruction -- it would knock a big hole in the ozone layer, affecting crops, animals and people worldwide, US researchers said on Monday.


So lets ignore the death and destruction for a while and get back to the hole. So please tell us WHY would a nuclear war lead to ozone depletion.

Fires from burning cities would send 5 million metric tonnes of soot or more into the lowest part of Earth's atmosphere known as the troposphere, and heat from the sun would carry these blackened particles into the stratosphere, the team at the University of Colorado reported.

So this new academic study concludes that nuclear war is bad for the environment. Not such a surprising result you may think but...

"The big surprise is that this study demonstrates that a small-scale, regional nuclear conflict is capable of triggering ozone losses even larger than losses that were predicted following a full-scale nuclear war," Toon said in a statement.

So although we might have guessed the effect of nuclear war would be negative we now know that even a small nuclear war could be very bad.

The policy implications? Those pesky Iranians and north Koreans had better watch out.


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