Thursday, April 03, 2008

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

It will come of no surprise to readers of this blog that some of the first to suffer at the hands of climate change will be the so-called "indigenous peoples".

What is interesting about this article is that it is "our" solutions to climate change that are causing additional problems.

Externalities are everywhere.

Is this linked to lack of lobbying power or merely geography?

Climate Solutions Often Harm Indigenous Peoples - UN [PlanetArk]

OSLO - Large-scale solutions to help slow global warming often threaten the very indigenous peoples who are among those hardest hit by a changing climate, the UN University said on Wednesday.

Biofuel plantations, construction of hydropower dams and measures to protect forests, where trees soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas as they grow, can create conflicts with the ancestral lands of indigenous peoples.

"Biofuel production, renewable energy expansion (and) other mitigation measures (are) uprooting indigenous peoples in many regions," the UN University said in a statement on a report released at a conference in Darwin, Australia.


It said the world's estimated 370 million indigenous peoples, from the Arctic to South Pacific islands, were already exposed on the front line of climate change to more frequent floods, droughts, desertification, disease and rising seas.


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