Friday, April 25, 2008

FT magazine does the "environment"

From the inbox:

The FT weekend magazine (which I do usually read) is now concentrating on "issues people care about". They begin with the environment.

What I will guarantee is that the magazine will still be packed with adverts for massive engined gas guzzling cars and other offers to tempt conspicuous consumption (at a high price for the environment).

The topics are of interest and I like the way that the PR team have pitched it:

"Societies without sophisticated packaging lose half their food before it reaches consumers. In the UK, waste in our supply chains is about 3 per cent. In India, it is more than 50 per cent."
As part of an extended feature on plastic, Sam Knight examines the environmental concerns of plastic packaging - analysing its benefits and drawbacks and uncovers some surprising truths about this staple that is so often tarred with a social stigma.

As part of this focus, Nikki Tait chronicles the highs and lows of giving up plastic for Lent - from embarrassing supermarket encounters to trying to buy and eat lunch in London and Brussels - "I didn't notice that the helpful cashier was starting to pile my groceries into a plastic shopping bag. "Non, non," I screeched. A jar of honey rolled the length of the shop. The queue of shoppers watched it in resentful silence."

"In the past, if you cut down 1,00 hectares of forest the government gave you another 1,000. We weren't seen as invaders. We were colonisers. Now I'm looked on as a devastator."
The magazine also follows deforestation in the Amazon basin. Focusing on the initiatives of Texan ranger, John Carter, the feature examines his radical idea that market forces could solve the problem they were helping to create.

It will be interesting to see how Carter thinks market forces can solve the problem of deforestation. I bet the answer involved him making greater profits at the expense of Brazil's vast army of poor peasants who are finding the cost of food increasingly prohibitive.


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