Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food price "massacre" of the poor

Any story with "massacre" in the headline is worth blogging about in my opinion.

Hugo Chavez is also a man worth reading about. He is seen as a hero and anti-hero probably in equal measure.

With food prices soaring and the on going financial and sub-prime crisis it would be easy to argue that capitalism is the cause of the misery for millions. The bailing out of the UK banks by the UK taxpayer is a disgrace. Whilst the government had little option and is in effect making the most of a bad situation it leaves a bad taste in the mouth to know that the "big swinging ****s" in the city are being bailed out for their excessive macho risk taking.

Food Prices ‘Massacre’ Of World's Poor - Chavez [PlanetArk]

Soaring food prices are a "massacre" of the world's poor and are creating a global nutritional crisis, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday, calling it a sign that capitalism is in decline.

His comments came only hours after the United Nations' World Food Program called more expensive food a "silent tsunami" that threatens to plunge more than 100 million people on every continent into hunger.

"It is a true massacre what is happening in the world," Chavez said in a televised speech, citing UN statistics about deaths caused by hunger and malnourishment.

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