Thursday, March 13, 2008

Launch of "Journal of Natural Resoruces Policy Research"

A new journal, to be launched in January 2009 has a call for papers. There are plenty of environmental journals on the market but this might have a slightly more policy slant to it.

Not enough economics for my liking but worth keeping an eye on.



Date of Publication: January 2009

Editor: Chennat Gopalakrishnan, Professor
University of Hawaii at Manoa

For information about the editorial board,
please visit the journal website at:

Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research, a peer-
reviewed quarterly journal, publishes original policy-
oriented papers addressing a broad range of natural
resource fields including water, minerals, energy,
fisheries, and forestry in a synthesizing fashion, rather
than as stand-alone specialty areas. It will also publish
papers on the natural resource implications of climate
change, natural disasters, and biodiversity loss, among
others. The papers, ideally, will be based on both
conceptual and empirical studies and will be primarily
policy-focused. Our goal is to foster productive dialog
among the disparate sectors in the broad field of natural
resources and among various social science perspectives
leading to an improved understanding of institutional and
economic dynamics and informed policy making.


We are inviting original papers in policy analysis, policy
modeling, policy surveys and synthesis, institutional
analysis, conceptual/theoretical papers, case studies and
case histories from academic and non-academic experts in
the natural resources and environmental field. We are
looking for papers dealing with, but not limited to, the
following topics:

1. Natural resource policy broadly defined - scope and
2. Holistic vs. sector-specific approach
3. Policy framework - components, sequencing, linkages,
integration, robustness
4. Conceptual/theoretical paradigms - rationale and
evolutionary perspectives
5. Country studies, case studies, case histories, survey
6. Natural resource policy modeling
7. Natural resource institutions - design and
8. Natural resource policy crafting - ownership,
allocation, planning, development, markets and
pricing, conservation
9. Natural resources and political externalities; public
choice and rent-seeking
10. Natural resource use and environmental quality
11. Public-private partnership issues
12. Natural resources and institutional entropy
13. Transboundary, transnational, and transgenic resources
14. Natural resource policy - efficiency, equity, and
15. Trigger issues - climate change, natural disasters,
human disasters, deforestation, endangered species,
invasive species, environmental pollution

The deadline for submission of full-fledged papers, prepared
in accordance with the guidelines of JNRPR is June 15, 2008.
Please see:

Please limit your paper to a maximum of 6,000 words. Submit all
manuscripts electronically to:


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