Sunday, February 10, 2008

Google to save the planet? Outspends US government on environment

An interesting little snippit from the blogosphere.

Means absolutely nothing of course but google is still OK but losing traction fast. Publicity like this will help them appear to to the good guys again.

The author of this blog piece has taken some liberties with the data but hey, it's Sunday.

Google to Outspend US Government on Environment [Planetsave]

A report is circulating regarding my favorite tech company, that they are pledging themselves to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in to big alternative-energy projects started by commercial businesses. They plan to focus on projects that have traditionally had a hard time getting financing. Thus, I would imagine the majority of such projects will get financing, considering Bush’s position on such things.

The executive in charge of their environmental push, Dan Reicher, said Wednesday that “There are a lot of technologies that get to the pilot scale and look promising, but the first few large commercial projects deploying those technologies, financing those can be extremely difficult.”

“Often the usual equity and debt players will say come back to us when you’ve demonstrated this at scale,” said Reicher, director of climate and energy initiatives for Google’s philanthropic arm,

Reicher referred to the “Valley of Death,” a term used in the technology industry to describe the difference between successfully developing a new technology and amassing scale. This is something that Google is aware of, and their pledge to invest such moneys as they can in to projects is hoped to alleviate this problem.

“When you get to building a commercial-scale project in the energy world, you can be looking easily at hundreds of millions or even across the billion dollar threshold,” Reicher said. “Over years we’ll be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars. So we’re very mindful of the Valley of Death.”

Google has already committed large amounts of finances to various green projects, both within their own company and without. They’ve committed $20 million to funding start-up firms researching solar-thermal and high-altitude wind power, and another $10 million to Pasadena, California-based eSolar Inc to support research and development on solar thermal power.

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thepowerguides said...

I thought one of the guys new wife is the head of her own company in that field , also I would think it is in G's interests as they are already one of the BIG power needs companies even with all the solar energy and eco friendly power sources they have in place.

Funny I am pretty old so do not suppose many others remember the old Xerox ethos from many many years ago allowing engineers their heads just hoping something came up.