Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Post of the day" for fisheries

Spending hours a day reading about the over exploitation of fish means I apologise if there is a excess of fishy stories.

This is a good one though - UK chefs to stop serving over exploited fish. Will there be anything on the menu?

UK Chefs and Greenpeace Bid to Save Threatened Fish

LONDON - Leading British chefs will join forces with environment group Greenpeace on Wednesday in a campaign to push restaurants to serve up only species of fish that have not been over exploited

Greenpeace goes straight for the jugular:

"No one wants to see some of our fishy favourites disappear from dinner plates. But, unless we only use seafood that has been caught in a sustainable manner, then this is a situation we could see very soon," said Sarah Shoraka from Greenpeace.

Wefinsih with the standard dig at China for the Chinese wanting to eat enough to survive:
It noted that fish consumption in China had increased demand 10-fold since 1961 and that fish now supplied 30 percent of demand for protein in Asia against six percent globally.


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