Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Fighting" Climate Change

Pointless research report of the week award goes to the report that tells us that the armed forces will have more to do once the effects of climate change really start kicking in. Given the potential migration of millions, regional water shortages, regional food shortages, floods and the potential for widespread social unrest this should come as little surprise.

Armed Forces Face Strain of Climate Change - Report [PlanetArk]

LONDON - Security forces round the world will face tough new challenges as climate change unleashes violent storms, raises sea levels and causes floods and famines, a new report said on Thursday.

Of more interest is whether we believe the eco-terrorism should rank so highly as a threat compared to the other potential disasters.
While climate-related events will put new strains on the security services, governments' responses to global warming could give rise to militant environmental groups using terror tactics to make their points, the report said.

"In the US, the FBI ... currently consider 'eco-terrorism' to be one of the most serious domestic terrorism threats," the report said, noting an upsurge in violent rhetoric among a small group of environmental extremists.

I suspect there are far bigger fish to fry that this one.

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