Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does online Bingo hold the key to economic life?

A very good question.

With all the world's environmental eyes on Bali and not on this blog I have the chance to post on what really matters.

Sometimes, links to the economics arise in the strangest places. Online Bingo Blog win today's award for most obscure link to economics.

As this post represents one of the best ever blog posts I have read I repost it here in full.

These quotes should be enough to whet your appetite. Genius.

"With world stock markets behaving like they are on crack cocaine"

"currency exchanges like they need prozac"

"However, I have an advantage over these suckers that gives me a whole different perspective on how to deal with these things – it’s called online bingo."

Rad on.

Is online bingo a microcosm of economic life? [Online Bingo Blog]

With world stock markets behaving like they are on crack cocaine and currency exchanges like they need prozac, trying to understand what is happening in the economy is becoming more and more of a crap shoot as this year draws to a close.
Every day we hear more and more frightening stories about housing crashes, another Northern rock bank failure and the possibilities we are heading into a recession. So what gives?

The answer to that is I don’t have a clue, which puts me in the same company as such economic titans as Chancellor Darling, the PM, Mr Bernanke over in the US and various other captains of finance. However, I have an advantage over these suckers that gives me a whole different perspective on how to deal with these things – it’s called online bingo.

Stay with me on this…

The key here is mental toughness. People who play online bingo regularly face the nail-biting anxiety of wondering what life will throw up next. With every number a random event, we have trained ourselves to respond quickly and efficiently once the number is known. We are not fazed when the number is not the one we are waiting for. How many people working the markets can say the same thing as they await whatever interest rate cut the Bank of England decides to throw out?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying bingo online is substitute for understanding the complexities of modern economics, but I do believe online bingo games provide more of a chance at having fun than what we see passing for economic news today. And the rewards are often better than mere .25% cut in interest rates.

If things do start to get worse in the so-called real world, be assured Bingo Street is still going to be here to provide online bingo players with an escape from the doom and gloom and a chance that you may walk away a whole lot richer.



Anonymous said...

I play bingo a lot and I have found I have to ask for numbers to be repeated often, I thought I just had a bad memory but its apparently because I’m dyslexic and my mind struggles to take in what I have heard! But apparently this in not a rare problem as this is a mild symptom of dyslexia and a lot of people have it! I find it easier using a Bingo Game Online. Anybody else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

My brother developed dyslexia and he struggles with bingo in halls but he plays online because he can play with friends or chat to people you can confirm numbers for him. We have both been excited about the opportunity to as we can play any time we want because games happen globally. We can play against people on other side of the world as well as play online bingo uk with people from this country.

Anonymous said...

I started playing bingo with my gran and it was a fun way to pass the time, then I went to uni and a few of my friends wanted to go for a laugh and see if we could win some beer money, and we did! Now I play all the time including playing on the internet. online bingo is massive phenomenon growing stronger and stronger everyday with people of all ages deciding to play online bingo. theres more money to be won as well as enjoying the game with new people. I hope online bingo continues to grow and grow.

joe said...

All I want in life is to have fun and make some money, isn’t that what everyone wants? My kind of fun just happens to make me money too! I love playing poker or a good bingo game online for fun and this gives me the chance to win some cash at the same time! Even more so if there are some poker or on!

bingo news said...

bingo is fun but not the key to economic life

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog . Unfortunately, we ended up NOT having co-ed Bingo online games after all, because there would not have been enough men. Even tho most of the players did have husbands, boyfriends, male friends or male family members to invite, most of them are unable to attend, not sure they can attend.

Anonymous said...

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