Friday, December 21, 2007

Climate Change and Financial Markets Workshop

It is interesting to see that the "city" and the financial markets are beginning to take climate change seriously.

This workshop on the 11th January at Warwick Business School covers a range of finance related topics that I am sure will be of interest to many although it is not for the mathematically or academically faint hearted.

ESRC, MMF and WFRI Finance Workshop Series One Day Workshop

Friday 11th January 2008

Climate Change and Financial Markets:
catastrophe instruments, reinsurance, securitisation and risk transfer

9.30 Registration and Coffee

10.00 Climate change and monetary policy Andrew Sentance (Warwick University and Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England)

10.45 Why have exchange traded catastrophe instruments failed to displace reinsurance?
Michel Habib (University of Zurich, Swiss Banking Institute)

11.45 Pricing of catastrophe reinsurance and derivatives with a Cox process with shot noise intensity Angelos Dassios (London School of Economics)

12.45 LUNCH

1.30 Climate Change and the Insurance Industry Trevor Maynard (Manager Emerging Risks, Lloyds Insurance)

2.15 The Robustness of Arbitrage-Free and Actuarial Models in the Pricing and Hedging Catastrophe Derivatives Stephen Weston (Global Credit Trading, Risk Management, Deutsche Bank ,

3.15 Self-Protection and Insurance with Interdependencies Alexander Mürmann (Institute of Risk Management and Insurance, Vienna

4.15 TEA

4.45 Optimal design of risk sharing between insurer, reinsurer and capital markets Pierre Devolder (Institut des Sciences Actuarielles, UCL)

5.45 END

The workshop will take place in lecture theatre B0.01 in Warwick Business School. In order to ensure a place you must contact Rhona Macdonald on


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