Sunday, October 14, 2007

Left-side or right side of the brain?

As it is the weekend:

I admit that this TEST has got me completely stumped. I can only get the dancer to go clockwise. Unless I am confusing clockwise with anti-clockwise (where is that link again).

Economists should really see it going anti-clockwise (like most people apparently).

I cannot make it go the other way either. Is this an elaborate (or not so elaborate) hoax?

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

H/T: CoRE economics.

Can anyone else really see this dancer going anti-clockwise?



nmathys said...

amazing, but if you try hard, you can see it turning in both directions ... maybe it depends where you guys are looking at (JM sees it turning clockwise as well ...)- I'm looking at the feet and I see it anti-clockwise ...

Cindy said...

This is like the ambiguous figure things~ I can see it in both ways but I can not control whether see it turning clockwise or anti... but at the first glance, I see it clockwise~