Friday, October 05, 2007

Economists wanted at Resources for the Future

Just in case some wondering/wandering environmental economics stumble across this blog here are a couple of interesting jobs at Resources for the Future.



RFF Sr. Fellow (leadership)

Q0 Natural Resource & Environmental Economics
D0 Applied Microeconomics
L1 Market Structure, Firm Strategy and Market Performance
R0 Urban and Transportation Economics
O13 Economic Development and Environment/Resources

Resources for the Future (RFF) is seeking up to two Senior
to lead major prospective research programs in
Urban and Transportation Policy and in Global Ecosystems
Management. Ideas for different programs could also be


RFF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted
to independent economic analysis of environmental, energy,
and natural resource policy issues (see: ).
RFF offers an outstanding environment for scholarly publication
and high-level communication of research to policy audiences.


Basic qualifications are a graduate (Ph.D) degree in
economics or other quantitative social science discipline,
at least 7 years of research and/or policy experience; a
well-developed research agenda; a substantial publication
record, a history of successful fundraising; and
experience in planning and integrating communications
strategies into the research process.


Key activities include developing a program (with RFF seed
money); initiating, managing and conducting high-quality
research within the program; and actively participating in
the dissemination of research results and leading the
engagement of the policy community. Successful candidates
should be recognized as leading experts in their field by
people in the academic and policy communities, should be
able to attract funding for themselves and others in the
program; and have an abiding interest in seeing their
research affect public policy.


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